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You have on hand the apps you like. Your files are organized the way you like, even if that means they’re not organized at all. You have your favorite case or a charm or two, but is your mobile phone still vaguely unsatisfying? Perhaps you haven’t matched the mobile device with your sun or zodiac sign. Follow this entertaining alpha-sign guide and see if you follow your sun path trend.

The invention of mobile handsets put your universe on the right axis. BlackBerries and iPhones with fantastic camera capabilities or…


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I hate when they ask me if I want to donate money in the check out line. It’s not like I can say no without looking like a douche. Give a dollar to cure childhood cancer? Ehhh I would, but I’d have to dip into my cigarette and alcohol fund and I kind of don’t see that happening.

Kyle Landry’s arrangement of I can go the Distance.

Python Programming

#A certain CS professor gives 5-point quizzes that are graded on the scale
#5-A, 4-B, 3-C, 2-D, 1-F, 0-F. Wirte a program that accepts a quiz score
#as an input and prints out the corresponding grade.
def main():
    grade = eval(input("What is your quiz score? (Type quit to stop) "))
        if grade == 5:
            letter = 'A'
        if grade == 4:
            letter = 'B'
        if grade == 3:
            letter = 'C'
        if grade == 2:
            letter = 'D'
        if grade == 1 or grade == 0:
            letter = 'F'
        print(" Your grade is a ", letter)

#Write a program to sum a series of numbers entered by the user.
#The program should first prompt the use for how many numbers are to be summer.
#It should then input each of the numbers and print a total sum.

def main():
    total = 0
    num = eval(input("How many numbers do you have? "))
    for i in range (num):
        ber = eval(input("What is your first number? "))
        total = ber + total

    print("The total value of your ", num, "numbers is ", total)